Online account with personal IBAN and Prepaid Mastercard. Without stress! Without a bank! Without paperwork!

Open your online account now and get your VIABUY Mastercard® in just a few days.

Your account in less than 8 minutes

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Easy, paperless signup

Without credit check or proof of income

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Full online verification

Easy and fast online verification

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Your Mastercard in just a few days

It's on its way the next business day

The VIABUY account: Like a bank account without a bank

The VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard: Fully-fledged credit card alternative

Easy and safe. But no bank.

With VIABUY, everything is simple. No paperwork, no complicated credit checks, no package deals. In short: no bank stuff.

Your money is safe. The VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard is issued by a licensed and EU-regulated e-money institution. In addition, Mastercard protects you from card fraud with its Zero Liability Policy.

Top-up your way

With your personal IBAN, you can load your account conveniently via bank transfer.

Top up your balance instantly when on the go. Your VIABUY app on your mobile is just one tap away. No other company offers such a variety of loading options tailored for the country you live in: SOFORT, EPS, iDeal …

Full control, without debt

The smart alternative to credit cards, without the risk of overspending. Stay in control with instant transaction notifications and no overdraft.

Private, safe payments

Our contactless VIABUY Mastercard offers you state-of-the-art security features and an independent, private account.

Fast account opening

No more paperwork or face-to-face appointments. As long as you are based in the EU, our acceptance rate almost is 100%.

Secure bank account alternative

With us and our regulated and licensed partner, your money is always kept in a separate and safeguarded bank account.

VIABUY with Apple Pay.
Available in Germany from now on.

You can now pay with your VIABUY Mastercard and Apple Pay in shops, online and in apps. It’s simple, secure and perfectly mobile.

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Frequently asked questions

Simply click on the "Open Account Now" button, select your preferred card design in gold or black, and fill out the short form with your personal information. Once you've completed the order process, we will ask you to verify your identity, which usually only takes a few minutes.
Opening a VIABUY account will not affect your credit score. We don't believe in making money based on debt and therefore don't support overdrafts. That's why we don't check your credit history, simply because we don't have to. Opening a VIABUY account will not affect your credit score.
"Classical credit cards where you make a purchase "on credit", receiving quick loans, are quite less common in Europe than "charge cards". With these you are charged the entire amount borrowed each month. With both, if you fail to pay back you will be subject to heavy fees or interest rates and can potentially even lose your card and harm your credit history. Prepaid and debit cards draw directly on your account instead and there's not much difference between the two as long as the debit card is not attached to a bank account with overdraft enabled. At VIABUY we started offering prepaid cards at first, while all new VIABUY cards are Debit Mastercard cards now. As we don't support overdrafts, it's obviously still pretty much "prepaid" though. Please note, that the overall acceptance of both prepaid and debit cards is extremely high and usually merchants don't make a difference between prepaid, debit and credit cards. However, in rare cases some merchants do not support prepaid or debit cards or both."

Black or Gold?

You can order your VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard® either in black or in gold. Both cards offer the same functionality and services and differ only in their colour.