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PRACTICAL. The prepaid card
with an own account.

  • Full MasterCard® card with embossing
  • Card account for incoming wages and benefits
  • Easy Online-Banking
  • No minimum income requirements necessary
  • No SCHUFA-Check, no salary slips, no credit check

Wages and benefits

With an acceptance rate of 100%* and its own card account with online banking functions the VIABUY Prepaid MasterCard is the perfect MasterCard card for all those with negative credit history, personal bankruptcy or distrainment of accounts. If you do not have a bank account, or your account is seized, or you want to use it for your benefits, or you prefer to use a separate account abroad, you can deposit these payments into your VIABUY MasterCard card account. Simply provide the purchaser, for example your employer or client, with the IBAN assigned exlusively to your personal card account (for bank transfer in other currencies than Euro please use the bank details provided for the loading method "international bank transfer" instead).


The prepaid card with an own account.

Another advantage is the effective protection from creditors, debt collectors or the threat of account seizure. Through the separation of the VIABUY MasterCard card account from your existing bank account, and England as the jurisdiction of your card account, the funds on your VIABUY MasterCard are perfectly protected. If you need to pay bills, you can do so to accounts in Germany, the EU and worldwide from your VIABUY MasterCard card account via our online-banking service.

*Guaranteed approval, however the cardholder may be turned down if information can not be verified.