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SMART. The prepaid card
with online banking.

  • Fully-functional Mastercard® card
  • Online account for incoming wages and benefits
  • Easy online banking
  • No credit check or proof of income required
  • 100% online verification
  • Card shipped within 24 hours on business days

Use your VIABUY account for wages and benefits

With an acceptance rate of nearly 100% for EU residents, the VIABUY account with the prepaid Mastercard card is the perfect alternative to traditional credit cards for anyone with a poor credit rating or personal bankruptcy.

Because of the prepaid balance you don't have to worry about credit card limits or overdrawing your account. Furthermore you can get free email notifications for every load and payment transaction. This way VIABUY can effectively help you to monitor your expenses and get out of debt or avoid getting into this situation in the first place.

With the online banking features including the account specific IBAN assigned for incoming and outgoing SEPA bank transfers, the VIABUY account can even be used as a fully-functional account for your salary. Central reporting obligations or automated account inquiries by third parties do not apply to VIABUY accounts.


The prepaid card with online banking.