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EXCLUSIVE. The Mastercard®
card with extensive customer service

  • Online banking with your mobile phone, tablet or PC
  • Monitor your expenses via text message or email
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VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard® Customer service

With your VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard you can experience mobile banking on all mobile phones, tablets or PCs with an internet browser. If you are at home or on the road, using a smartphone or a common mobile phone, you can do all your banking without installation of additional software in your browser, via SMS or by Email. Plus your VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard features an exclusive card account monitor. For additional control and security you can choose in your account settings, if and when you want to be alerted about expenditure on your VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard card. You can choose between SMS alerts (19 Cent/text message) and free of charge email alerts.
In the interactive login-area of your card account you can not only overview your entire card account loadings, expenditures and current statement, but also find comfortable customer friendly solutions and functions to help yourself immediately without the need to contact customer service. You can now change your personal information, send yourself a PIN reminder, unblock your PIN, increase your level of identification or help us to resolve your inquiries to payments directly. We listen to our customers feedback carefully and are constantly improving our services by adding more smart and helpful VIABUY online banking functions.


The Mastercard® card with extensive customer service

VIABUY is dedicated to the highest level of customer satisfaction. You can reach our customer service team by email any time. Please write your questions to service(at)viabuy.com and we will respond in most cases immediately - latest after one working day only. To help us to speed up resolving your inquiry, please describe your problem as detailed as possible and attach copies or screenshots that you think are supportive. We believe it is better for you and for us to deal directly instead of frustrating calls with outsourced call center agents.

You can also post or send us a message on Facebook and Twitter to contact us.