ADDED VALUE. Your own Mastercard in your design and your logo

  • Individual branding and design
  • Wide range of usage and applications
  • Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty
  • Real added value for your brand
  • Latest technologies and the highest safety standards
  • Expert advice and close cooperation

Co-branding programs

Prepaid cards in your own corporate design transfer a high credibility and reliability to your brand. Which companies can actually offer a Mastercard in their own design? Use the potential of your brand and bring it back into your customers mind with every purchase they make. This will not only increase brand awareness, but also enhance the customer and employee loyalty to your brand. The wide acceptance and security of Mastercard, as well as the advanced features and capabilities over traditional loyalty cards, will increase the confidence of your customers and increase acceptance of your customer loyalty program. Stand out with a co-branded Mastercard in your own design and with your own logo to secure this competitive advantage for your company.

The co-branding program is aimed to entrepreneurs who already have a high scope of business.

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