Online payments account with IBAN

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Better than a bank account.

Together with the VIABUY Debit Mastercard, you get the VIABUY online account. The account has its own IBAN, just like a current account. You can load money into this account via bank transfer or have your salary transferred to your personal IBAN.

In addition, you can load the account with a variety of loading options.

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Full control. At any time.​

Whenever money arrives or is withdrawn from your account, you immediately receive a notification. This way you are always informed and have full control over your account.

With the VIABUY app or via your web browser, you can log in securely and keep an eye on everything on your account: Account balance, deposits, withdrawals, etc.

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Easy account opening.

It is very easy to open your VIABUY account. All you have to do is fill in your personal details online and identify yourself with an ID card. It's less effort than signing a mobile phone contract.

No Schufa check.

No proof of salary. No visits to a counter.

Viabuy customer service

New VIABUY account openings are currently paused

You can order your VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard® either in black or in gold. Both cards offer the same functionality and services and differ only in their colour.