VIABUY pricing and fees

Our pricing

When you apply for the VIABUY account with debit card, there is a one-time issuing fee of EUR 69.90. Please note that if you decide to cancel the agreement after 21 days, this fee will not be refundable.

In contrast to other prepaid solutions, you can top up your VIABUY account via domestic/SEPA bank transfer to your dedicated IBAN. We also offer many different loading options, online banking features, the prestigious, high embossed Mastercard in gold or black and many more benefits!

Free payments - fast and easy loading

Paying with the card in your account currency as well as transferring money from card to card is free of charge. Loading via bank transfer to your personal IBAN is secure, easy and cost-efficient.

Instant deposits

If you want to load your account with other loading methods, for example if you want to instantly access a deposit, there’s no better choice than VIABUY. You can select between a multitude of payment methods.

Services and fees

For the most common and important fees, please take a look at our pricing table listed here. For a complete list of services and fees please refer to our terms and conditions.

Die Eröffnung neuer VIABUY-Konten ist derzeit pausiert.

Sie können Ihre VIABUY Debit Mastercard® in Schwarz oder in Gold bestellen. Beide Karten bieten die gleichen Funktionen und Leistungen und unterscheiden sich nur durch ihre Farbe.

New VIABUY account openings are currently paused

You can order your VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard® either in black or in gold. Both cards offer the same functionality and services and differ only in their colour.